Sunday, July 27, 2008

Deep Inside?

Ok, maybe this one is just a little out of my league.

Ms. Frost very graciously asked me if I would read her book of erotica, supernatural erotica. She sent me a copy and I dutifully read it. It is a collection of short fiction meant to be highly erotic, she told me.

This is where it leaves my usual bailiwick. I HATE to pan books, really HATE it. But this one was not very erotic, and to my way of thinking, not even very good. While some of the stories were very romantic (not in the classic sense, more like some very twisted individuals highly romaticized), they weren't at all entertaining, nor erotic, nor even titillating. Erotica is NOT my thing, per ce, but I loved Poppy Z. Brite's Love In Vein. That one would raise the Titanic. It was incredibly hot.

Deep Inside made it much easire to read my next books. They are engaging, I identify with the characters, I can suspend disbelief and enjoy them, None of which happened while reading Deep Inside. My recommendation? Give it a bye.

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