Friday, September 5, 2008

Living Vicariously

Its happened. I have become my kids. Let me explain....

My stepson needed a Spanish dictionary for school, so off I trot to Barnes and Nobles to procure one (this, of course was after the stop at Best Buy to upgrade his computer's memory and get a wireless card). My stepdaughter has ridden along and we have no more than stepped in the door than the laws of physics shift. Gravity is now emanating from the Stephenie Meyer Twighlight series and they, being smaller (NOT!) and weaker (definitely NOT!) than me, are sucked into the black hole produced exclusively by these novels of all the novels in the store.

I, on the other hand, have been living in la-la land, because, while I had heard of them I had no idea what they were about other than they contained vampire stories. I was also stupid enough to say so in front of these gravity-riddled masters of Facebook. I was quickly and efficiently imbued with all the information my synapses could handle - and in stereo no less. Then came the "no's". "No. I am not buying four novels at Barnes and Nobles at $23 a pop." "No. I will not advance your allowance." "No. You can't ask your mom and if you do, she will say no, too (I hope)."

So, of course, I run straight home, find them on E-bay, put in a bid on a set ending in two hours, win the bid and in 2-9 days, I will be the proud owner of four Stephenie Meyer novels, which I have staked out to read first. I may rent them to the step children to re-coup the expense, but I'd just have to give it back as allowance.


And I'll probably love them and just have to have the 5th book (which has been delayed because a draft was leaked - where else? - on Facebook). Senility has set in. I regress to 19 years old. Think my hair will grow back?

Tune in again soon for reviews....

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