Friday, January 9, 2009

Dresden - Wizard At Large

Ok, so Jim Butcher's books are being released as hardbacks (well, they were in November). So what if I was given a $25 gift card from Ebay? Should I have ordered Dresden File books? Probably not. There's so much to read out there, so little time....
However, keeping with the surge of graphic media becoming vastly popular (has anybody not seen The Dark Knight?) I thought I would see of these books were any good. I got copies of the first three in this still on-going series. So far, I've read the first.
And....ok, I liked it. I'll read the rest of them just to see how Harry does what it is he does. Its a one evening read, its definitelt comic book, and its overly black and white. The thing is that Harry lives in shades of gray. He knows that evil is evil and that anything that isn't evil is NOT necessarily good. But he lives in a world with people who expect black and white results. What's a wizard to do?
That's why I keep reading. I relate to Harry. You probably will, too. I'm not gonna rant and rave about the cultural impact of Harry Dresden, but I am gonna read some more of them. They're quick, they're fun and they piqued my interest. And they're a good reset between one VLN and the next. Read it if you're into that, don't if you're not. I am...and you might be surprised at how much your boss resembles some members of the White Council....or NeverNetherLand.

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