Friday, September 14, 2007

A Word On My Ratings System

At the bottom of all my reviews, I give each book a "Star" rating. The more stars, the better the book, in my opinion anyway. The reason you need to know this is that I am now simultaneously posting my reviews on my website, and on my blog. That way, when you see a 5-star review you know I think you should hack your way through the Amazonian jungle to get a copy to read (pun intended). And if you see a 1-star rating, that I think you should donate your money to a political candidate prior to spending it on this book. At least your money will have some entertainment value that way.

Here they are:
No Stars: Run - Do Not Walk - away from this title. I'd say it sucked, but that would be too much praise.

It'll do until something good to read comes in the mail. This is excellent bathroom reading so that you don't have to read soap and shampoo bottle labels for entertainment.

Enjoyable or fun...or maybe both. Not mind-boggling but its mildly entertaining.

This is a good book. While you might not wanna shell out the moolah for the hard cover, if you find a paperback you won't be throwing your money away. Worth planning to read and then reading.

Now we're talking! This is a very good book. If you belong to a reading group or book club, this is one you could recommend to the group. Read this one!

OMG! You haven't read this yet? Get on-line and order it with expeditied shipping, or get to the nearest bookstore and get this one. NOW!

Enjoy! And comments are always welcome....

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