Saturday, September 1, 2007

What Do I Blog About Now?

I've reached blogger's catharsis. The bright has worn off the penny, nobody reads this stuff, so what the heck -let's roll off a few opinions and see if I piss anybody off. Sounds like fun, no?

Opinion the first-

Why is everybody so upset about having an awful president? He is the pinnacle of the American political system, having survived the primaries, the actual nomination process, and actually becoming creative with the Electoral college. Who can ever forget the first President duly elected by the Supreme Court (although we must deduct points because his party did seat most of it). This guy is nothing if not inventive! And, I admit it, I voted for him and I still think he's better than the other guy, What's-his-name. Think how awful if I'm right and he actually is better. Phew! Did we dodge a bullet or what. Fortunately, the American system allows us to be manipulated all over again every 4 years, Thank God for small miracles. I think I'm voting for Obama as the only (relatively) sane candidate on the ballot. When is a woman going to run? Hillary doesn't count. She's a Democrat and is taking full advantage of the machine she and B-b-bill actually built in their basement in Arkansas, that is when Bill wasn't getting his cigar smoked by the secretarial pool.

Angry yet? Well, if not, there's always:

Opinion the Second-

Profit is good! But CEO's that suck the profit out of a company when it can least handle it should suffer the fate of The James Gang and be ridden down and shot like dogs. And the Boards of Directors that offer these contracts should be held personally liable to the share holders for being such magnanimous idiots. CEO: "Sure, I'll run your company. But if I screw up and the stock plummets like a cannonball dropped in the ocean on a sunny day, you have to pay me millions of dollars just to go away. OK?" Board: "Oh yes! And We'll double your salary if, while walking away, you mention that we tried to warn you not to piss off the retirement funds. Think you can do that?" Pfaw! Gelatinous spinal columns on them all! But profit is what drives men to risk everything on the chance that they will someday be on some Board of Directors! That's a good thing! Actually, profit is what provides jobs, a tax base for community services to be provided and teacher's salaries to be paid. No profit, no company, no consumtion or production, no pay, no money. Unemployment ensues and Recession eats everyone's children. This is bad. Just so you know.

Enough opinions for today. If you're still not pissed off, come back tomorrow.

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