Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Selling Out by Justina Robson

In yet another interminable series (that's right, there will be more), I must say that this one is pretty entertaining. The characters are multiplying like crazy, our heroine is even more insecure thatn the first novel, and there are plenty of unexplained phenomena to frustrate the reader. Having said that, Ms. Robson's blending of pretty hard sci fi with classic fantasy elements is flawless. Her characters are all flawed in very human ways and therefore approachable if not downright likeable. I really hate to admit it, but PYR has brought out yet another great speculative work that deserves to be read. (I HATE series!)

The drawbacks: It is incredibly necessary that you read the first book prior to this one, or you will be completely lost. It IS a series book, so the story is not complete. Characters and places are becoming numerous - very numerous, with independent story lines a-plenty. I find that while this adds depth to the major characters, it can (and in this case does) detract from the central story.

Lila Black is sent to Demonia to research a tourist book for Ootopians (read: humans). While there, she inevitably gets caught up in local politics which are particularly nasty as can only be expected from demons. Meanwhile, her elvin boyfriend gets caught in Thanatopia from which all things elemental flow, but which cannot sustain any other kind of life as we know it. Meanwhile, (see what I mean?) her fairy partner is sailing the depths of non-space looking for ghosts with a renegade research group. Meanwhile, ... you get the idea.

This is a good book and, so far, an enjoyable series. If you've read Keeping It Real and enjoyed it, then you will definitely enjoy this one. If not, I recommend that you start immediately.

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