Friday, June 8, 2007

Future Books News

For Lois McMaster Bujold fans, her newest book will be released on June 26th.
Uncle Hugo's Bookstore will be hosting a signing on release day. This is the second book in The Sharing Knife series; TheSharing Knife: Legacy. The third book in this series is in the can and should be released in a year or so. Mrs. Bujold is now working on a brand new Miles Vorkosigan novel!

And if there's anybody left that doesn't know, the final Harry Potter is being released on July 21st. All of the major bookstores and most of the independents are pre-selling. I'll be taking my family to the release party at Bookpeople. Look around your part of the world and let me know what's going to happen when the last Harry Potter is released there....

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