Monday, June 11, 2007

Wow! There's a lot of Science Fiction Fans Out There

My wife tells me that the way to get comments on my blog is to post on EVERYONE else's (sigh). So being the dutiful man that I am, I google sci-fi blogs and SHAZAM!!! there are dozens of them in English alone. I find that amazing. Some of them are incredibly ingenious. I have posted a few links and intend to post more.

I still haven't found anybody (except one) that are as dedicated to books as I am, but TV, movies, comic books and graphic novels are covered up. I learned more about what's going on and what's going to go on in those media than I thought possible in an hour.

Does anybody out there still read? Did anybody besides me dislike the wild abandonment of the central plot in I, Robot offensive besides me? The Bicentennial Man was nothing as Asimov envisioned when Robin Williams took the part. Its strange how some movies just leave the central themes of some of these books behind. Oh well...I guess I read too much.

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SQT said...

The disappointing thing I have found is that whenever I post a book review, I get very little response. I love books and read constantly but most people want to talk about movies, TV or comics. I've managed to get a fairly regular group to come to my blog, but book reviews seldom get any comments.

I don't know why.