Friday, October 26, 2007

Bionic Woman Worth Watching...Sorta.

I have DVR'd every episode of this new series (I work every Wednesday night) and loved the darker tenor of the remake. The pwers that be at NBC seem to be moving away from the internecine, internal struggles of the characters and into more "mainstream" drama. I liked it better when the bad guy might not be the bad guy and the good guys were definitely not so very nice sometimes. The last two episodes, there has been no such confusion presented to the audience.

But its a great action series, none the less. How do I know? Simple. My wife hates it. She says I just watch it to watch Michelle Ryan (Jaime Sommers) and Katee Sackhoff fight. While that does make good TV (ahem), I am afraid that I need at least a linear plot in order to stay interested. This one has some depth, with the potential for much more, if the producers will just use it. But, if its action-adventure and the wife hates it, then either its a T&A teaser (which I dislike almost as much as my wife) or else its got some real action to it that makes my wife uncomfartable (she really hates violence). This one is strictly PG, so it must be the latter.

I like it. Its not my favorite show this fall, but its good and I'm gonna keep DVR'ing it...for now.

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