Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reaper Has Me Hooked

I started off watching the premier and have watched it every since. Its hysterical! I hope you have a DVR, because I have learned to stop the action and read the signs in the background - a trick my wife taught me when we were watching "Chuck". We actually read the Buy More motto off the front door when Adam Baldwin walked by it. The hero in "Reaper" hasn't walked by the motto of the Work Bench yet, but some of the thing tacked up on the bulletin board are hysterically funny.

Now, to be truthful, it may be that I can relate to the hilarity at the job so well because I work in a box - the Orange Box - on which the Work Bench is probably conceptualized. It hits dead on excpt that these guys get away with WAY more than anybody where I work. But be that as it may, the real kickers are the tete-a tetes with Satan.

When our hero, whose parents sold his soul to the devil, gets his first vessel to recapture an escaped soul, the Devil offers him the casket with the words, "This was wrought in the bowels of Perdition by the vile and the iniquitous.", Follwed closely after a glance at our hero with, " Oh, that's right. You scored a 600 on your SAT, didn't ya?" And that just sets the mood. Each week, we learn more and more about our heros, his friends that are in on his secret (one of whom asks him "How come nothing cool like that ever happens to me?"), his girlfriend, his parents, and most importantly, The Devil. They give him all the funniest lines.

Kevin Smith is the director/producer (Silent Bob of Jay and Silent Bob fame)and his eye for the funny hasn't dimmed a bit. Ray Wise, who plays Satan, carries it off with impeccable timing and flippant jabs at virtually everybody.

Watch this one and see if its not the sitcom that you wish you could have seen when you were watching "All in The Family".

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