Sunday, October 14, 2007

Will The Wonders Never Cease?

Ok, my cup runneth over, already! When I started this bloggong thing, it was a lark. My forums on my website had quit drawing anything but porn links, and my wife suggested I blog. So, what the heck? In order to see how it was done, I googled blogs of my particular genre to see if anybody out there was interested. Boy! Were they! And some of them had such followings that they were able to give away books that they got from publishers. And, being the complete bibliophile that I am, I entered the drawings. And dang if I didn't win one!

But wait! There's more... I entered some more and won a second one thanks to The Book Swede and his blog. That's two! Please note that the previous blog title is, indeed, a hyperlink. Please use it soon and often! Chris at The Book Swede will appreciate it and so will I!

This blogging thing is the berries! I have won two books (three actually, since one is a pair in a series), met an author of great repute and discussed lofty (NOT) ideals with him, and I get to spout off whatever floats my boat! I just hope that someday, I can work my way up to having publishers send me books to review and pass on. I'll keep trying!

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Chris, The Book Swede said...

I hope you continue to win even more books :)