Monday, August 6, 2007

Finally! Thomas Covenant Is Back Again!

Stephen R. Donaldson has finished the second novel in the Last Chronicles of Thmas Covenant series. Its due out in October in the US and the UK. All of the big book sellers are accepting pre-orders. It looks like the first opportunity to get it signed will be at the World Fantasy Convention, so I expect about Mid-November that signed copies will be available on Ebay (and I'm guessing for a substantial chunk of change).

If you haven't read the 1st and 2nd Chronicles then you're in for a treat. For those that have, Runes of the Earth returned us to The Land with Linden Avery and a new adventure in the best anti-hero fantasy series of (probably) all time. Fatal Revenant is the next installment, and all of the usual noises are being made. (What's taking so long? I can't wait!!). I know I'm so excited that my wife is annoyed. That's usually a good sign that the book will be extraordinary.

I Can't Wait!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just finished it. And I really hate that I will have to wait six more years for the third and fourth books to come out...
But it WAS great.