Sunday, August 5, 2007

Its The Dog Days...Time to Read

As summer begins to get into the hot, muggy days of August demands at work has exploded (its been raining here for two months. Now its stopped.), The grass has quit growing so fast you could see it, and motivation to do anything remotely physical ebbs to an annual low. So what to do?

I read. I read a lot. In August, I subsume whole collections (one August I read the whole collection of Sherlock Holmes novels). My only problem is getting my hands on the books. While my need for reading material reached its pinnacle, my funds also reach an annual nadir - I'm broke.

So I re-read old favorites from the shelf, I pray that the library has added their annual addition of one new novel to the sci-fi/fantasy section and I cash in all my change from my change jar and haunt the appropriate aisle at Half-Price Books.

Usually, that works until the third or fourth week of August. This year, I'm in trouble already. Anybody got a book they've heard about that I can re-read for a review? I'll be very glad to do so. Right now, I'm re-reading Dreamweaver's Dilemma by Lois McMaster Bujold. Next is Blood Music by Greg Bear so I can do a review of it. Anything else spark anyone's interest? Help me out! I'm desperate.

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