Saturday, August 18, 2007

OMG! My First Retraction!

If you read my last post, you will now be aware on how I feel about racism, or at least have a peek at my attitudes. I think its a loss to all parties involved because its so limiting to the almost limitless possibilities of being human...'nuff said.

However, in making my comments, I addressed some of them to Mr Durham's post which, as he suggested very politely, I re-read. I completely mis-read some of his comments and compounded that mistake by making it seem that he and I disagreed on some of the sillier issues. He, again very politely (figured out yet that I'm embarassed?), pointed out that he and I were in complete agreement. And, of course, he is correct on all counts.

I can only offer my sincerest apologies and this correction to Mr. Durham. I will, I promise, read more carefully in the future. And try (note, I can but try) to limit my diatribe to factual ramblings instead of wishful license.

Dang if I'm not gonna have to read his book now. If it's written half as well and as thoughtfully as his posts, he cannot but be a pure pleasure to read. You should too, gentle reader. go here to get it: Acacia


John Dent said...

Acacia is indeed wonderfully written. It's one of my favourite fantasy novels of the past few years!
Don't forget to check out David's new Forum!

SQT said...


I think the intent is the most important thing and it seems your intention is to be open to all views. What more can anyone ask?

I don't think you have to be embarrasseda bout anything. I'm sure David understood.